Stay connected without the cost

Spareseat is a ride-sharing application for UK students. Enabling access to friends and family at a far lower cost than public transport.

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A great alternative to expensive or complex public transport routes

Many students become detached from friends and family as their budget fails to cover regular visits. Spareseat offers a lower cost alternative to ensure that students can stay connected to the people they need most.

Find a journey to your destination

Students upload journeys they plan to make, including where they are going from and when they plan to go. Spareseat users can explore these journeys and choose a seat if they wish to join.

Pay for your share of fuel

Spareseat calculates the total expected fuel cost for the journey, and divides it across the number of seats in the vehicle. This keeps both the driver and passengers’ costs low.

Return the favour

Got a car? Making a trip? Upload your planned journey to Spareseat and split the fuel costs between your fellow passengers.

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Spareseat has helped me visit home during my first year of University, without breaking my budget. This has be a huge help to both mine and my family’s mental wellbeing.
Finn Elliott
Early Spareseat user, University of Bath
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Why Spareseat?

A great alternative to riding solo

Low cost travel option

Spareseat users just pay for their share of the fuel, often making it cheaper than alternatives such as riding solo by car, bus or train.

Faster travel option

Existing transport options such as trains and buses often take longer routes in order to be accommodating. Spareseat users are often able to travel more directly to their chosen destinations.

Growing range of journeys

Spareseat is just getting started, so there is some limitation in the number of journeys we offer. However, we are growing quickly, meaning an increasing number of journeys are becoming available.

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Planning on driving somewhere soon?

Post your journey to Spareseat for a range of benefits.

  • Significantly reduce the cost of travel

  • No need to change your journey

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Travel for cheaper with other people at Uni of Sheffield Download the Spareseat app today!